Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dynasty War

Dynasty War is a nice strategy game in which you play one of four rulers: Shu, Wei, Wu or Lu-Bu.
each ruler have eight different generals, most are different from ruler to ruler, but some are available to several ruler, each general can control up to 15 units (some can only control 5, while other can only have 10, but the more units a general can control, the less powerfull he is).
now about the units, you start with the ability to only create one type of unit - Swordmam.
to train more units you need to build their training structure, each structure allows you to train two more unit types, one basic and one supirior, in order to train the supirior unit, you'll need to build 2 structures of that type.
and once you've built all of the training structures youll be able to train the catapult.

each level you can choose 3 out of your generals to help the ruler in his battle.
and fight untill the other ruler dies...

some screen caps: